zereOS Optimized Footprint Technology

The footprint of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is about 10+ GB (64-bit version) big. After removing the Pagefile and compressing the image, there is a minimum footprint of 7,2 GB left. – That’s why we created the zereOS Optimized Footprint Technology. With zOFT, it was possible for us, to remove many components from the operating system that are not necessary for an embedded operating system. After this, we were able to reduce the footprint to 3,2 GB (64-bit version). With a footprint of 2,0 GB, the 32-bit version is even smaller.

  • FOOTPRINT OPTIMIZATION: Enhanced footprint reduction that cannot be accomplished with regular Windows tools
  • STORAGE COST OPTIMIZATION: 8GB Flash required instead of 20GB
  • PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION: More performance left for you own application because of less background workers
  • NETWORK OPTIMIZATION: Faster network deployment because of smaller footprint

Additional questions?

Take a look on our zereOS Optimized Footprint Technology FAQ.

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